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Monday, November 9, 2009

Day #9 I am thankful for

my husband!

Remember, these are in no particular order. Didn't want anyone to think I am more thankful for naps than I am for Nicky.

I met my husband at Calvary Hill Baptist Church about fifteen years ago. I had a boyfriend at the time & Nick was dating someone, so while I noticed Nick, I didn't NOTICE Nick. Make sense? A few weeks passed and my boyfriend & I broke up, Nick quit dating the girl he'd been seeing and we started NOTICING one another. He first caught my eye when he was in a Christmas play at church. He played a General, that's all I remember about the play. Well, and that our pastor's daughter curled up next to me with her head in my lap and fell asleep. Which was sweet but strange because I was new to the church & didn't know her. Gosh, she's probably married with kids now! OK, back to my story. Nick was so handsome! I quickly learned that several girls at church had their eyes on him. I wasn't interested in being a part of that. My mom ran in to him in the hallway at church one day and asked him if he had ever considered asking me out. He said, "As a matter of fact I have been thinking about doing that." She responded, "Stop thinking about it & do it." He did, we did and here we are. Wow.. So much in between but I doubt you all are interested in that. Here are some things I love about my husband. (Again, in no particular order & not limited to..)

  • His desire to be like minded w/our God
  • His sense of humor
  • His legs
  • His hair, especially the super man curl that falls on his forehead
  • His intelligence
  • His ability to fix things that are broken
  • His smile
  • His strong hands
  • His laugh
  • His love for our children
  • His love for me

Thank you Lord for Nicky!

He is a blessing to me & I love him with all Add Imagemy heart.

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  1. Great post ~and how come I never knew the "how we met" story? I love sharing those stories - especially fun at a couples party. Hugs~Sara