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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am A Promise field trip to the FIRE STATION

Rocco's first preschool field trip was to the fire station. Here he is with his best friend Promise.
They got to sit in the fire truck! This is especially sweet to me because I remember Roman & Dallon's prek field trips to the fire station as well. The fireman that helped Rocco up on the truck asked him, "You've been here before haven't you?" I think he's remembering his brothers.
I liked this picture because it looks like Rocco is keeping Promise 'in line.'
They got to spray the hose!
The future Mr. & Mrs. Mirando
Promise is laughing SO hard at Rocco here. He was dancing! Actually THEY were dancing.
They got to tour the entire fire station. Even where the guys sleep!
We even witnessed a real call. Perfect timing too, just as we were about to leave.
Praislyn couldn't figure out why she was uncomfortable. And we just laughed.
Rocco & his 'bro' Brandyn.
Time to go!
Rocco putting Promise in the car. j/k
The End

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