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Friday, January 21, 2011

We're overdue for the zoo!

We absolutely love the zoo! (Except for Nick.) Most years we hold an annual pass. We usually skip the hotter & colder months and visit in the fall & spring. We are overdue though. This was our last visit, just before Halloween. It was a beautiful day!
My monkeys
One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world, holding my boys hands. And I love that all three of them still love to hold my hand.
My beautiful Dallon
The dock was open. As many times as we had been to the zoo, I don't think the boys had ever been out on it before.
Dal & Roc were actually fighting. Can you tell?
They wanted me to take their pictures with their favorite frog picture.
Dallon LOVES frogs.
Hoping that the birds will land on them. They would have FREAKED out if the birds would have landed on them.
Petting zoo
Rocco's a big boy now! I had to hold all these kids off until he finished. He waited his turn, they had to wait theirs.
Another zoo trip is on my mind.

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