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Friday, January 21, 2011

Where? The Fair!

Another picture overload.
We look forward to the fair every year. We love the kiddy rides, the funnel cakes by the West Nassau Band, the sausage dogs with peppers & onions, the onion rings, the candied apples, the peanuts & occasionally something new like a fried snickers. Oh me.
We started off with the Ferris wheel.
Nick & I are way too cheap to buy ourselves tickets so we usually look for students (trustworthy students) of Nick's to ride with the boys. This time we felt that Roman was old enough to be the big boy. While I was VERY NERVOUS, they did very good.
Roman got to ride a few kiddy rides but was turned away from most. He was not happy about that because he's still a little boy at heart & isn't interested in the scary rides.
Look who we ran into! We wound up seeing Bailey, Braden, Molly & Gabe so we all hung out together.
At first they loved this ride but it seemed like it would never end and Roman was about ready to throw up...I mean get off.
This is where I could tell Roman was having second thoughts.
But these guys were having a blast! Poor Braden was getting squished!
Yep, the face says it all.
On to the slide!
Roman & Braden decided to ride this double Ferris wheel two times in a row! I was a very nervous mommy because it just didn't look secure. He'd never admit it but I think Gabe was just as freaked out. Because we both hovered there watching & waiting.
Not sure what's going on here but I think it was a bumpy ride.
Me & my blue mouthed boy.
I can't remember what he ate that was blue but it looks like someone gave him that trick gum from Spencers. Remember that?
Back on the Ferris wheel, this time with Braden.
And another go at the slide!
Roman & Rocco
My boys still love the bouncy house. That poor little girl is probably screaming to let her out.
Bye bye fair..until next October.

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