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Monday, January 11, 2010

Basketball Begins!

Roman & Dallon had their basketball evaluations tonight. We don't know which teams they're on yet but they had fun. Nick wasn't able to be there since he's going to school for his Master's degree. Between him not being there & the Ash family not being there because they are in Upward basketball now, something just didn't sit right with me, I feel sad. I'm going to shake it & enjoy this season though! I took a few pictures.
Roman told me on the way there (less than one minute from our house) that he's not the best but he's not the worst either. I thought that was cute.

This is Dallon's first year playing basketball. Group picture Roman finally found a ball to play with and it was flat, hence the disappointed look. I told him we'd just use it for the picture but he wanted an inflated ball!

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  1. too cute! i remember playing as a wasn't so! can't wait to see more pics to come!