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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rocco used to live in California?!

Mom, Dallon, Rocco & I (Nick & Roman went ahead) were on our way to Big 'T''s in Jacksonville for my brother's 40th Birthday dinner today when we passed by Girvin Rd., going down Atlantic Blvd. I said, "Rocco?! Daddy, Roman & I used to lived down that street right there, before you & Dallon were born." Rocco replied, "I used to live under that thing there in California. That's where I get my money from." So I said, "Rocco, I thought you lived with Jesus in heaven before you came to live with us?" He said, "No, California. Tomorrow I'm going to live with Jesus." Well, I hope he's not going to live with Jesus any time soon but I love his imagination!


  1. That boy cracks me up!!! I laugh everytime you post a Rocco story:)

  2. i love when kids say stuff like this!! they are so serious! Jayden my niece told her sunday school teacher the other day "i have a sister but we leave her home, she doesnt go out" the lady was really worried,..but i let her know,..she does not have a sister! hehe too funny!