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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Dallon!

Oh Dallon, you are my froggy and I am your butterfly. I remember praying to our Father in heaven asking him for you, He said yes. You were such a good baby and are such a good boy now. Here are some things I love about you.

  • You love God & desire to know more about Him
  • You are Daddy's twin, I think he looked just like you when he was your age
  • You love to write & sing your own praise songs
  • You have always been such a good eater & are always willing to try something new
  • You like to dress up & wear ties
  • You always like your hair to be just so & you have my favorite hair in the family
  • The way you pooch your lips when you kiss me
  • When you defend others when you think someone is being ugly
  • That your favorite thing to do is 'Family Movie Night'
  • Your piglets, they are adorable!
  • That you tell us regularly that you love us
  • You love frogs
  • You always look for ways to help out when I am doing chores
  • You like to read
  • You like to cook
  • You make us all laugh with your quick, witty sense of humor
  • You love to pray
  • You love to play with my hair
  • You have a gentle touch
Happy Birthday Dallon-o!

We look forward to celebrating with you Saturday at your birthday party!

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