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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did I really just sleep for ten hours or was that a dream?

Last night the boys had to go to bed at 7:30, thirty minutes earlier than their normal school night bedtime, because they misbehaved in the morning while getting ready for school. I know I am the only mother who has this problem right? Same routine every morning but still has to remind her children step by step what they are supposed to be doing while breaking up fights & getting myself dressed for the day as well? Thought so. Well, it actually worked out to my benefit because I was exhausted! I don't really know why other than it could have been because I had been sleeping in while on Christmas break (yes, I took some time off too). Or maybe it's because it gets dark early & it's FREEZING cold here right now (yes, literally freezing & yes, in Florida). Either way, I was tired! TV was horrible & 5:30am comes early so why not just go to bed?! That's exactly what I did. I did wake up feeling like I was ready to get up at midnight, but made myself go back to sleep. Actually, I prayed myself back to sleep. For a long time I felt guilty about this. I mean, who would want you to fall asleep while having a conversation with them? So why would God? Then I realized, as long as it doesn't happen every time I talk to Him then, what better way to fall asleep?! Adoring, confessing, thanking & bringing all my supplications to my Father? Thank you Lord for a restful night!

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