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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Zoo

If you have not been to the Jacksonville Zoo lately then you are missing out! This zoo has changed so much over the last nine years. I started taking Roman when he was just a baby. Every few years we will buy an annual pass for our family. If our whole family goes at least twice during the year then we have already saved money! Also, if you have a pass you don't feel as obligated to stay all day. You can visit as much of the zoo as you want & catch the rest on the next trip. I rarely purchase anything extra either! The food is good but expensive so to save your money pack a picnic in your backpack. You also get discounts at zoos all over the country, including St. Augustine's Alligator Farm AND the gift shops. Don't miss out on our fantastic zoo!

We usually go in to the left through Wild Florida first, to avoid having to wait for people to make room when looking at an animal. Most people just follow the path forward to Africa. Which is actually what we did this time since we missed it last time, a few months ago. So our first stop was Tony (Uncle Tony to us), the warthog.
Here, Roman is acting like the animals. I actually love that he still likes to play & have fun. I know he'll quickly outgrow that. Daddy & Roman Dallon was VERY excited to see this HUMUNGOUS frog!! If you know Dal, then you know he loves frogs!I hope this is the closest my boys ever get to a poisonous snake! And never without the glass protecting them! CREEPY!!! My favorite! Isn't God amazing? I believe He made some animals simply for our enjoyment.
Ofcourse, all the little boys around got a kick out of this! I didn't know what was going on at first and asked in a very loud voice, "Why is he making that weird face?" Nick said, "He was nosing around where he shouldn't have been."
Monkeying around!No rhyme or reason for these two pictures, just love them.
The fountain that always presents an opputunity to teach good stewardship.
The petting zoo.
One of the famous manatees.
I should do a blog on this very same picture I have from the boys at different ages, over the years. Dallon even carried his new Disney Flix-Cam, which I found on last month for $17.99!!! it actually took very good pictures & videos!

Here's one of Dallon's videos, of a snake!

And here's a picture he took of a snake!


  1. I've wanted to take Olivia to the zoo while off but it has been way too cold in the mornings. I think she'd love it. I still have 3 days left I may try to sneak it in. It looks like ya'll had fun!!

  2. I love the zoo,The hubby not so much... lol Cant wait till we have children then I can drag him along...