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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hilliard Elementary has Bingo for Books once a year. This family fun night was created to put books in our homes. A few months before Bingo for Books our school holds Family Read In Night to raise money for Bingo for Books. Family Read In Night is held in the library. For two hours families gather together, reading as many books as possible and testing (Accelerated Reader) on them. This night only the kids can test on any level book they want to. So most of the kids grab PreK-2nd level books and read test read test read test. It shoots their points up quickly! Those points are spent at the AR Store three times a year. A few weeks leading up to Family Read In Night the kids are given forms to look for sponsors. Example: someone may sponsor a kid to read for one hour and donate $10. We never do this part because I'm uncomfortable asking people for money so we always donate $10-$15/each kid. This money goes towards Bingo for Books. The school buys books galore for this event! First there is a free spaghetti dinner that our church cooks & serves for about 650 people then we play bingo. For each time you get bingo you get a book. The kids take their bingo tickets to the hallway outside the cafeteria and they have tables after tables after tables of books to choose from. The school even allowed us to have a table of Gideon Bibles for the families! This goes on for one hour. We have so much fun! Everyone who attends plays. You don't have to be school age. This year Roman took home seven new books and Dallon took home five. We love Bingo for Books!


  1. What an awesome idea! I love it! That is incredible that your church hosts the dinner too. Way to be HIS hands and feet!