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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Stephen!

Tonight we celebrated my brother's 40th birthday by having a dinner party at Big 'T's Steakhouse & Tavern in Jacksonville. Here are some of our pictures:

Stephen, Mike & Jeff have been bestfriends since kindergarten!
The kids had fun too!
Yummy cake..
Presents for the birthday boy!
Momma enjoying her son's birthday party and thankful she doesn't have to clean up. And more friends in the background. So good to see some of these people I haven't seen since high school!
A few of the things I love about Stephen:
~His sensitivity
~Always giving me good fashion advise growing up
~Letting me borrow (steal) his new socks when we were teens
~Loving me unconditionally
~His sense of humor
~ALL of our inside jokes
~Emmitt Otter & the Jugband Christmas
~Summers at Grandma & Grandpa Cooper's
~Always letting me play with him & his friends because all the little girls on our street moved away
~Defending me to the end even when I was wrong
Memories.. Memories.. Memories..
Love you Bubby!


  1. Oh ~ I love your brother! Since when does he live in Jax? Tell him happy birthday from me! I miss his laugh and crazy jokes!

  2. They moved to Hilliard March 08 then moved to Jax a few months ago. He loves you too Sara! I'll tell him!